1. How well does traffic flow along Route 38 during the peak hour? (check one)

2. How well does traffic flow along Route 38 during other times? (check one)

3. What are the 3 most congested areas or intersections along Route 38?

4. Are there any perticularly congested areas or intersectioons along roads leading to and from Route 38? If so, please identify and describe.

5. What is the best location and form for future development in the area? (check one)

6. What types of development would you like to see along Route 38? (check all that apply)

7. Within your community, what are the preferred future levels of the following types of development? (check one box in each row)
More About Same Less

8. Are there any other comments or suggestions that you would like to give to the Project Team?

9. I consider myself to be:
   A resident of the study area
   A business owner in the study area
   An employee of a business in the area
   A local elected official of the study area
   A member of the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Adjustment
If other please specify 

10. (Optional) Please provide your:
Organization (if any): 

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